Hi. I have just completed the fantasy/adventure novel, Ben Brown's Adventure Beyond the Universe - The Return of the Nephilim.

It has 58 pen and ink illustrations.

It will be released in New Zealand in January 2009.

You can go into the draw to win an advance copy by correctly answering ten reasonably tough general knowledge questions associated with the book at: http://benbrownsadventure.bravehost.com

Here is a small section from the book:

Smiles and applause broke out all around. And
from the bells on the steeple of the Immaculate
Conception Catholic church on south Elm street, just
a few miles from the Brown's farm, it rang out all
across Louisburg and echoed on everyone's lips with
great pride that Ben Brown, their local son and hero,
had put Louisburg on the map and maybe on the road
to greater prosperity. Mrs. Brown received phone
calls from all over town: the Mayor, Ben's principal,
the Louisburg Chamber of Commerce, the Mom's
Club, the Busy Bees of Liberty, and many others with
invitations to join groups and charities that she had
never heard of. She even received a call from her old
insurance company, offering free insurance for a year,
which she gratefully declined.

Yet beneath all the furore and the church steeple
and bells and its arched wooden girders and white
washed walls, sat a solitary figure in a centre aisle
pew, weighed down in thought, staring beyond the
altar at the arched stain glass window of Jesus the
good shepherd holding a lamb.

A shutter slid back in the dark confessional box,
revealing the outline of a priest.
"Father, I'm not part of this church," Ben said in a
weak voice. "But I was..."
"-God welcomes one and all."
"Even if you're not sure he exists?"
"Welcomes one and all. What's on your mind,
"I was wondering about god's will. And… his hand,
how far it might extend if he wanted to do something."
"No one can presume the infinite power and
wisdom of god."
"He could use someone of little faith?"
"No one can presume the infinite power and
wisdom of god. He can move in mysterious ways."
"Which means what?"
"Which means with faith, anything's possible."
"If you have no faith?"
"Who doesn't have faith? In the rising sun, the
changing tides, changing seasons? To what extent, it's
just a question of knowledge and understanding."
Ben contemplated his words and the priest looked
around at him.
"If you don't mind, I should be preparing evening
"Of course. Thank you."
The shutter slid shut.

Kind regards,
Michael Thorp