Nothing on my bloody computer works!!!! grrrrr!! why why why?!! Wcooler has always been an irritating intruder upon my sanity and now that i have decided to ditch the effort and register with I CANT LOG IN!!!! is this NORMAL or something?

Background info: in an attempt to avoid my drunkard parents i decided to climb through my skylight onto the roof, in my provincial little town, (its not a flat roof either..) and sit around reading Memnoch the Devil (anne rice, i adore her...and Michael Crichton of course), perched attop my roof like a bird. Now, occasionally staring up at the immaculate sky, between several pages and scaring the wits out of innocent passers-by (they have no buisness being out that time of night anyway) i found myself struck with sudden literary inspiration. And now that i have it in my head i cant make it public!!!!

Adding to that: emotions are felt to the intensity of pain, and words manifest themselves in emtions, but somehow, in public these never surface.

So i'm sitting around in front of the compy, cursing to myself and talking to my gay best friend when suddenly, for no reason at all, i start crying like a little child! Ever had that feeling where you dont know what to do, between feeling complete ecstasy, joy, physical pain, terror, panic and all those other peachy things and you feel like weeping, laughing and screaming at the same time or you would simply burst into a million different pieces? ya ya, thats not quite what that was, but i randomly burst out crying...

oh yes, and the alltime favorite, the intense desire to procreate (not literally, but you get the main idea *cough*....) and feeling painfully lonely. Yes yes, dont climb on top of your rooftops, readers, where you have a clear and beautiful view of the unimaginably far away stars. I do admit, lately, that i -am- slightly promiscuous, in pretty much every sense of the word. is that a bad thing? ugh. i'm giving myself a headache. respond to this and tell me freely that i'm out of my wits (muahaha, but not out of my eloquence!).

Now i'm skipping somewhere else, to annoy someone else. and: quote of the day:

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints
life is the prison of your mind...when your thoughts and word are wedded and love became a shipwrecked afterthought