Keep posts short and sweet. We don't need posts that go on for screens and screens and screens. Break long stories into smaller pieces. If that means it takes you 50 posts to post it, that's fine. We're trying to keep the load times short for people who don't have personal T3 lines at home.


A HEADER must accompany the first section of a post. Any fiction posted without header information will be deleted. The HEADER must include the following:

Title & Part Number
Email (optional)
Content/Rating (Important!)
Summary (not required but good for multi-part stories)
Spoiler Warning (if applicable)
Disclaimer (see below)
Distribution (optional)
Author's Note (not required)
Dedication (not required)

Please use a disclaimer similar to the following: "The characters in this story belong to {Writer/Creator/Producer}, no copyright infringement is intended." You may also write your own disclaimer, just be certain that you point out that the characters that you are using are not yours and give credit to the creator/writer/production company of the television series. Writing "Standard Disclaimers Apply" does not suffice.

ADULT and SLASH are permitted only in the "Forbidden Fruit" Forum. Any work of ADULT or SLASH nature posted in any other forum will be immediately deleted and the poster will be warned. Three strikes and the poster will be banned. This is NOT up for discussion.

No INCEST or CHILD ABUSE stories, PERIOD! (If you story requires hinting at Child Abuse, then it may be acceptable - but do it tastefully.)


SPOILER WARNING: While it is a nice assumption to think that everyone is on the same page as you and has seen all the episodes of a show that you have, this is not necessarily true. As a courtesy to those who may not be current with the shows you are writing for, and as a courtesy to any international members who might be behind on seasons, please include a spoiler warning. Some people do not like knowing what is going to happen on their favorite shows with their favorite characters *before* it happens.

RATING: Although this list completely open and uncensored to *all* forms of fan fiction (EXCEPT stories involving sexual abuse w/ children involved and incest), it is important that you include a rating for your work. This helps prepare the reader for what is coming.

The community tends to use the American MPAA rating system for movies:

G - appropriate for all ages.
PG - nothing graphic, but not appropriate for young readers.
R - contains sex, violence or language and is not appropriate for anyone under legal age.
NC-17 - contains *graphic* sex, violence or language and is not appropriate for anyone under legal age and some adults.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Please try to note in the introduction if your story is ADULT, SLASH, (see above notes on ADULT/SLASH) includes a romance between two characters (and please note which characters), includes rape, or if a main character dies, religious issues, etc.
While some readers enjoy these kinds of stories, others might want to avoid them.

SUMMARY: It is important that you include a short summary of your fan fic (no more than one or two sentences). This is just to give the reader an idea of what to expect. Think of it like the tag line for a movie, or the jacket of a book.

DISCLAIMER: This is very important! A statement informing the reader that the characters in the story do not belong to you must be in EVERY story or part of story that you send to the list. This is because of copyright laws, and if it's not there you and I could get in trouble, and I would hate for that to happen, and I'm sure you would, too. Give credit where credit is due-- someone else created this world, and you're just playing with it. Do *not* write something like: "Standard disclaimer here."