How Do I Become A Member?

You automatically become a member of this forum community after posting one message. It is very important that you post at least one message if you are waiting to be added as a forum host or a moderator. These privileges can not be added to your username account until you are shown as a member of this community.

What Are the Membership Titles and What Do They Mean?

The Membership Titles that appear under some names are either demonstrative of Administrator and Moderator Rankings, or a fun way to keep track of how lively you are in the forum.
The first two are manually assigned by the Forum/Community Administrator and with power comes responsibility. The other titles are assigned automatically, depending on the number of posts a user has in the Forum.

Right now, the membership levels and titles are not set, but hopefully they will be in the next few days.

Can I Be A Moderator?
Yes, by all means! Please contact the Administrator or one of the Moderators, or post a message in the So You Wanna Be A Moderator threads.